Notifier by Honeywell Launches New ONYXWorks Graphics Package

5th August 2008

Easy-to-use solution provides comprehensive visibility and control.

Burgess Hill, Sussex, 5 August 2008: Building on its long-standing reputation as a provider of leading-edge fire safety solutions, Notifier® by Honeywell has launched ONYXWorks, a technically-advanced graphics package which monitors and controls the company's complete range of fire panels.

ONYXWorks provides a comprehensive view of connected fire alarm systems in a simple, easy-to-read graphical manner. Security staff thus have a clear view of the overall site and individual floor plans, together with the precise location of every device. As a result, in the event of an alarm the precise location of the devices affected can be detected immediately.

Similarly, ONYXWorks provides full control over all fire alarm devices. "In the event of hotworks - construction work involving fire or high temperatures, such as welding - single-click navigation leads directly to where the work is to take place," confirms Notifier product manager, Colin Dooley. "This means that the relevant devices can be disabled quickly and simply - so removing the risk of false alarms. This is in contrast to small LCD panels, which involve the time-consuming process of scrolling through the list of devices."

Integrated approach

With the introduction of ONYXWorks from Notifier, buildings and facilities operators can source a complete fire safety solution from a single manufacturer, with none of the compatibility problems which can arise when trying to integrate equipment from a number of suppliers.

At the same time, the new Notifier graphics package offers comprehensive integration with existing equipment, such as controlling CCTV, access control and security systems and other events display and fire panel information.

"ONYXWorks is designed for all applications and is especially suited to larger installations with separate security rooms or security teams, for example," says Dooley. "Its simple and intuitive functionality combined with an integrated approach represents a significant step forward in fire detection and prevention."