Our History

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NOTIFIER by Honeywell has been involved in the manufacture and distribution of fire detection and alarm equipment for over 50 years and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of analogue addressable fire systems.

Established in the UK in May 1990, Notifier began working with a group of professional fire systems companies. Having been trained on our product range and meeting the demands of the latest British and European Standards, these Engineered Systems Distributors (ESDs) provide customers with the essential expert knowledge. In turn this gives the confidence that installations will be compatible and work first time on site in line with specifications.

Notifier was first to establish this much imitated principle, which allows competition among service providers whilst also providing superior training and advice from the manufacturer. The result - peace of mind and choice for the end user.

Notifier now works with over 60 ESD's across the UK. Click here to search for a Notifier ESD near you.