Notifier Fire Safety – providing first class fire warning and protection at Hoar Cross Hall

16th November 2010

Any business installing fire safety protection wants to be sure that the system will provide the highest standard of advance warning in the event of a fire-related incident. At the same time, the operator of the premises hopes that it will never have to be tested in a true emergency. The choice of safety solution therefore has to be based on the chosen provider's reputation for providing the best possible protection within an acceptable budget.


In upgrading to a Notifier system ten years ago, Uttoxeter-based Hoar Cross Hall Spa Resort recognised that they would benefit from a world-class yet highly price-competitive fire safety solution.

However, as a number of subsequent incidents have shown, the Notifier system has proved more than equal to the task of providing effective early detection of several fires, enabling safe evacuation of residents and staff and minimising damage to the fabric of this historic building.

First-class comfort, first-class protection

More than 100 years old, Hoar Cross Hall has the distinction of being the only spa resort in a stately home in England, combining the latest in fitness, relaxation and spa treatments in spectacular surroundings and grounds. A recent winner in the World Travel Awards for five successive years, the Spa Resort also offers corporate and conference facilities, including a magnificent drawing room which can accommodate up to 150 delegates.

"In providing effective fire safety for this broad range of requirements, it was essential that the chosen system was highly flexible and intuitive, in order to minimise disruption during installation and ensure ongoing ease of maintenance and use," says Pete Bartlett, director of Notifier Engineered Systems Distributor partner, Trinity Protection Systems.

As the existing provider of maintenance services to Hoar Cross Hall, Trinity fully understood the diverse and demanding requirements of the site as it looked to upgrade its fire protection. "With our long-standing experience of the robustness and cost-effectiveness of Notifier solutions in similar public venues, we were certain that in terms of fire safety it would more than match the high demands clients placed on all aspects of the Hoar Cross Hall experience."

From the outset, the Notifier system met the high demands placed on it. In order to ensure a seamless transition, Trinity planned a phased programme of replacement, in which the existing equipment could be swapped out on a loop by loop basis. The inherent interoperability of the Notifier equipment meant that this was completed with minimum disruption to the spa's clients.

The chosen solution incorporated five ID3000 fire alarm panels, together with more than 1,000 smoke detector, call point and heat detector devices, to provide appropriate early warning throughout the site. The panels were linked using the Notifier ID2net intelligent delivery network, in order to ensure fully integrated protection.

"The ID2net represents a major step forward in fire networking technology," says Notifier sales manager, UK and Ireland, Derek Portsmouth, "and sets new standards in terms of speed, reliability, resilience and flexibility. In particular, it takes away all networking responsibilities from the panels themselves, which means they can perform faster as they are fully dedicated to advanced fire detection and alarm processing."

Rapid response

This has proved especially valuable in the early detection of several fires within the spa complex since completion of the new installation. Most recently, more than 300 occupants had to be moved to safety when a small fire broke out in the main hall, resulting in the dispatch of four fire engines to attend the incident.

The fire started as contractors were replacing the felt on the roof and the fire services believe that the resulting heat caused one of the beams to smoulder. For spa owner, Steve Joynes, however, "the key was that the fire alarm system did its job perfectly, in providing an immediate warning and alerting the local fire station with minimum delay, allowing us to evacuate the building with no risk to guests or our staff."

For Trinity's Pete Bartlett, this has proved once again that Notifier's comprehensive and technically advanced technology is ideally-designed to provide the best possible protection for buildings used by large numbers of the public for a range of different purposes on an occasional basis."