Scottish hospitals prescribed Notifier by Honeywell

5th August 2014

Notifier by Honeywell networked ID3000-based systems chosen as fire safety protection for new hospital buildings in Scotland

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HospitalNotifier by Honeywell has been selected to provide the latest in flexible fire safety in two new Scottish psychiatric facilities.

An ID3000-based system, designed and installed by Notifier Gold Partner FES Fire & Security is now protecting the Murray Royal Hospital in Dundee and includes 17 fire alarm control panels linked via Notifier's super-fast ID²net networking solution.

At the Stracathro Hospital in Brechin, Angus, a seven-panel Notifier ID3000 system using SMART2 detectors and linked by an ID²net solution was installed in a new 52-bed facility.

The installations are part of the £126 million Tayside Acute Adult Mental Health Developments initiative, the largest single capital investment in mental health in Scotland.

At the Murray Royal Hospital, a major extension offers state-of-the-art facilities and includes 183 new bed spaces. Each bedroom has been fitted with advanced Opal SMART2 multi-sensor detectors in order to cut the incidence of false alarms. Similarly, all call points are fitted with key activation rather than break glass.

The Notifier system is linked to a messaging system which provides a range of coded alerts and messages to take account of the close proximity of wards managing a range of different medical conditions.

"Protecting against false alarms and ensuring that any evacuation is strictly controlled is especially critical in hospitals responsible for those with mental health issues," said FES sales manager Ian MacArthur. "Notifier was a great choice because its highly flexible yet robust technologies enable the smooth running of the hospital with minimum disruption."