Club for London’s glitterati decides Notifier by Honeywell fire system is the perfect fit

20th March 2014

Notifier by Honeywell is selected as fire protection system for London haunt of Hollywood actors and young media stars.

Soho House, a fashionable private members' club for the media industry in London, has selected a Notifier by Honeywell fire alarm system to provide the latest in fire protection.

The Pearl-based solution, which replaced an existing non-addressable fire detection system, was designed and installed by Notifier Gold Partner Uny Systems. It includes SMART multi-criteria detectors to provide flexible and targeted protection for each of the club's restaurant, dining rooms, bars and cinema areas, as well as a basement entertainment complex available for private hire.

"We recommended the Pearl fire alarm panel, as it is ideally-designed to meet the wide range of challenges at Soho House, yet remains simple and cost-effective to install, commission and maintain," said Paul Hollington, support team manager, Uny Systems. 

"With a range of different activities taking place at the same time within the building, often involving heat and smoke, it was especially critical to minimise unwanted alarms."

He said the combination of Pearl's advanced programming capability with Notifier's SMART detectors made it the right choice for an environment where there was a higher likelihood of alarms being set off accidentally.

As a fully addressable system, managed from one central control point, the Pearl-based fire detection and alarm system ensures rapid early warning of any fire-related incident and can instantly pinpoint the exact source of the device in alarm. Installation was undertaken by Uny Systems out of working hours so that Soho House could continue trading throughout implementation.