Restoration of Royal Hall, Harrogate Incorporates Full Fire Protection by Notifier by Honeywell

20th October 2008

Harrogate Borough Council selects Rosse Systems to install fire detection and voice alarm system for Grade II* listed building.

Leading Notifier Fire Systems Engineered Systems Distributor (ESD), Rosse Systems has supplied and commissioned the full fire safety protection as part of the £10.7million restoration programme at the prestigious Grade ll* listed Royal Hall, Harrogate.

Harrogate Borough Council required a comprehensive, integrated fire detection and public address/voice evacuation system for the Royal Hall, in a solution that would provide state-of-the-art fire protection without sacrificing the elegance of Harrogate's famous ‘glittering palace of gold'.

Built in 1903 as a multi-purpose theatre and entertainment venue, the Royal Hall was reopened earlier this year by its patron, Prince Charles, following a five-year restoration project. It forms part of the Harrogate International Conference Centre complex, which is also protected by Notifier fire safety equipment installed by Rosse Systems.

At the Council's request, lead contractor Shepherd Engineering Services approached Rosse Systems as preferred partner to devise a suitable and cost-effective solution. As a result, the Notifier-based system includes an ID3000 fully addressable alarm panel, together with networked public address/voice alarm (PAVA) racks and ID2Net graphics-based alarm reporting system.

"This enables the Royal Hall to be linked seamlessly to the adjoining 2,000-seat Conference Centre," confirms Kendall Proctor, managing director, Rosse Systems.

Demanding requirements

In what was a high-profile development, the brief demanded a technically advanced detection and audio solution from a proven stable.
"In response," says Proctor, "together with Notifier, we have provided the ideal combination of leading-edge technology and a track record of success in meeting our demanding requirements within the installation constraints of the Royal Hall's listed status."

For his part, John Simpson, Notifier Fire Systems UK sales manager, believes: "The ID3000 intelligent fire alarm panel is ideally suited to large public facilities such as Harrogate's Royal Hall, as its advanced, third-party certified, engineered systems design not only offers a high level of functionality but is also easy to install, programme and operate."

The development also includes full voice alarm protection for the public access areas. "Voice messaging is now seen as an essential part of an efficient and safe evacuation strategy," confirms Simpson, "and, in response, the Notifier solution incorporates the technically-advanced ID PAVA systems as part of a comprehensive fire detection and alarm system.

"To the casual observer, the restoration project has returned the Royal Hall to its former glory. Few will be aware, however, of a significant, albeit unseen, improvement: that both staff and visitors are now protected by the very latest in fire safety systems."

Fault-free use

Implementation was complex and took more than 12 months, as Rosse Systems had to work closely with other contractors in phasing in installation with other aspects of the restoration work. At the same time, it was equally important that, once installed, the detection system worked within the constraints of the Royal Hall's normal working practices.

"As with other Notifier/Rosse Systems projects, the success of the Royal Hall development to-date has in large part been due to our close partnership approach with the end client," says Proctor. "And, looking forward, we fully expect the Notifier solution to be as effective and fault-free as it continues to be in the adjacent International Conference Centre."