Notifier and Trinity Provide State-of-the-Art Fire Protection for Hatfield Galleria Shopping Centre

13th May 2008

ID3000-based system provides integrated cause and effect solution for large complex site.

Today's visitors to the Galleria Shopping Centre in Hatfield benefit from the very latest in fire protection technologies, following the installation of an intelligent Notifier by Honeywell ID3000-based fire safety system.

The objective was to replace an existing, now obsolete, system with a modern-day equivalent. After a competitive tender, Land Securities, who acquired the Hatfield site in 2006, selected Notifier as best-placed to meet its uniquely demanding requirements. Implementation was completed in April 2008, much of which was undertaken overnight and at weekends to minimise disruption yet at the same time maintaining full fire protection. The new system is now fully operational.

The bespoke Notifier solution, designed and installed by Engineered Systems Distributor (ESD) partner, Trinity Protection Systems, incorporates nine ID3000 fire alarm panels and over 2,000 devices across the site which comprises more than 120 retail units. The individual fire control panels are networked using Notifier's ID2net ultra-high speed Intelligent Digital Delivery Network, which transmits an alarm across the network in less than half a second.

Management control

In addition, the modular Notifier UniNet-ID incorporates advanced technology to provide the Hatfield site with a complete monitoring and control facilities management system, via an easy-to-use and learn graphical user interface.

"By adopting a distributed ‘cause and effect' matrix in this way, the ID3000 is uniquely programmed to meet Hatfield's highly complex site requirements by means of powerful ‘Control by Event' (CBE) rules," says Trinity's Martin Low.

"As a result, such requirements as facility shutdown fire door control, smoke control and many others may be programmed quickly and easily, by interfacing directly with the existing voice alarm and smoke control systems, this also minimises disruption and ensures controlled evacuation and escalation in the event of a fire."

Team effort

With previous positive experience of working with Notifier and Trinity, Land Securities has been especially delighted with the Hatfield installation. "Notifier's technologically advanced yet thoroughly tested fire safety system, together with the unrivalled quality of Trinity's service support, ensures the high level of protection the site demands," says engineering manager, Dave Noonan. "Equally importantly however, much of the success of this uniquely complex implementation has been down to everyone working as a single, unified team."

Looking ahead, plans are in hand to expand the Galleria site and Notifier's future-proof design is ideally placed to provide any additional fire safety protection required.

"The Notifier ID3000 fire protection system is ideally designed for large public facilities such as the Galleria," concludes John Simpson, sales manager, UK & Ireland, Notifier by Honeywell. "It sets the highest standards in technical sophistication, functionality and reliability, at the same time remaining easy to install, programme and operate."