Middlesbrough College Selects Notifier from Honeywell Solution for Unique New City Centre Campus

1st April 2009

Leading Notifier by Honeywell Engineered Systems Distributor, Dante Fire & Security Ltd., has installed a complex Notifier fire alarm system in the newly-built Middlehaven Campus for Middlesbrough 6th Form College.

The new £68 million campus is a purpose built, 32,000m2 centre of educational excellence, replacing four existing sites and providing students with the most up to date facilities and equipment. The site includes restaurants, cafes, hair and beauty salons, a spa suite, sports hall, health and fitness suite, 156-seat theatre, recording studio and library.

Mechanical and engineering contractor Emcor selected the Notifier solution proposed by Dante Fire & Security Ltd, a preferred supplier to lead builder, Laing O'Rourke, as best-suited to the particular demands of the spectacular new building.

"The building is designed to represent the hull of a ship and the wave it causes as it moves through the water," confirms Notifier managing director UK & Ireland, John Brandwood. "As a result, the life safety systems had to be adapted from the initial design to meet the specific and unusual needs of what is a very long and narrow site."

Controlled access

Middlehaven Campus is in effect two buildings, the Hull and the Wave, joined together by a full height glass atrium corridor. "Due to the building's unusual layout, where to position the alarm panels presented a particular challenge," he says. "However, as a result of Dante's bespoke approach combined with the flexibility of the Notifier solution, two ID 3000 fully addressable alarm panels were sited in each building. These were connected over an ID2net intelligent network, with twenty loop sounder systems in total throughout the building."

A complex access control system was also essential as different parts of the building are open to many groups of young and mature students with a variety of needs. In response, Dante installed the latest Notifier AVAX sounders, supplementing the audible sound alarms with visual alarms to comply fully with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act.

"This highly cost-effective solution provides full accessibility throughout the building for the deaf and hard of hearing and is especially important in areas with a high level of background noise such as the workshops," says Dante's Neil Corney.

Phased evacuation

Replacing the original ‘one out, all out' evacuation system, Dante developed a complex ‘cause and effect' implementation to meet the College's fire strategy which included a requirement for phased evacuation. "The Notifier solution enabled us to incorporate complex ‘Control by Event' programming rules which ensures an appropriate response to an alarm in each case, rather than setting off the whole system whenever an individual detector goes off," he confirms.

"Overall, we have been particularly impressed with the Notifier system as it is particularly robust, offering a high level of sophistication, functionality and reliability in a state of the art fire detection and alarm system," says Malcolm Honeysett of Middlesbrough College. "These benefits are increased further by the high level of service back up and support delivered by Dante. We have been so impressed with the work so far, that we have awarded Dante the maintenance contract for the life safety installation."

For his part, Dante's Corney believes that the Notifier ID3000 intelligent fire alarm panel is ideally suited to large public facilities with multiple functions, such as the Middlehaven campus, "as it provides technical sophistication, broad functionality and reliability, at the same time remaining easy to install and operate."