Emergency Assist Alarm Systems

An Emergency Assist Alarm is defined in Building Regulations Approved Document M, and must be provided at all disabled toilets within non domestic premises, if the toilet is in a non permanently occupied space, remote indication must be provided at a central control or monitoring point.
Notifier Emergency Assist Alarms are available as stand-alone units covering from 1 to 4 areas or to integrate disabled call functions into the EVCS Network or EVCS Compact ranges providing the perfect solution for conformity with the Building regulations Document M and
Equality act 2010.

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Emergency Assist Alarm Kit

Disabled call system for integration with Compact and Network EVCS systems

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Emergency Assist Alarm Stand Alone Kit

All in one stand alone disabled toilet alarm kit

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Emergency Assist Alarm 4-way splitter

The 4 way splitter unit allows up to 4 stand alone disabled toilets to be monitored in one specific area.