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The Information Zone from Notifier is dedicated to providing  information, resources and learning materials to promote better fire safety.


i-zone is a new resource developed by Notifier for building professionals. A host of useful information, tools and learning materials are available including:-   


i Continual Professional Development

Notifier is committed to sharing knowledge and experience with construction professionals. Our CPD programme aims to provide a better understanding of a wide variety of topics. find out more...

i Notifier Black Book 

This guide provides a basic overview to anyone involved in the design or action of a fire detection system. It will identify the current legislative requirements as well as clarify the responsibilities placed on the three key roles involved with the provision of a new system, namely the  Designer, Installer and Commissioning Engineer, as well as remind the End User or Owner/Occupier what part they play in ensuring that the best possible system is supplied to protect life and property from fire. Request your free copy

i Mobile Apps 

Download our mobile App - the NOTIFIER SMART Selector.

The NOTIFIER SMART Selector makes selecting the right detection for specific applications or false alarm risks easy  find out more...

i Specification Library

Our library of specification guides are available to download in .pdf or .doc formats. Specifications for ID3000 and Pearl Systems also include the full range of system devices. If you require further information just contact us, we'd be pleased to help.

i System Design

Detailed specifications of all our products are available to download in our technical documentation area.

i Project-Specific Challenges

We've selected a number of different project types which pose some very specific challenges when selecting the right fire detection and alarm system, including Heritage properties museums and galleriesData centres, Manufacturing & Warehousing, High Technology Manufacturing and Office Spaces.

i System Protocol

What the term protocol really means to you in terms of choice, value and system safety. find out more...

i Distributor Locator

Find a competent fire company to install, commission and maintain your system quickly, efficiently and safely. click here