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CPD logoCPD accredited materials are continually in development, some details of which are shown below and on this flyer. If you are interested in any of these topics please register your interest by clicking the link next the relevant title.

Presentations can be arranged at our offices in Leicester, or alternatively we can come to you.

Understanding the Cost of Fire (1 hour)

Understanding the Cost of FireThis presentation looks at the case study of a fatal fire incident that took place at the RosePark care home in Lanarkshire on 31st January 2004.

It provides an overview of the findings of a fatal accident enquiry and is designed to highlight some of the potential risks presented by buildings of this type and what can be done to mitigate those risks in order to help prevent future incidents of this type.

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An Overview of BS7273 part 4 (1 hour)

BS7273-4An Overview of BS7273 part 4 – Actuation of release mechanisms for doors.

This presentation details the recommendations in BS7273-4:2015, in respect to the monitoring and actuation of door release mechanisms controlled by a Fire alarm system.

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Detector Selection and False Alarm Prevention (1 hour)

detector selection and false alarm prevention CPDThis presentation contains guidelines for improving the alarm system design. It shows how it is possible to strike a balance between detecting real fires quickly whilst minimising the risk of false alarms.

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A Guide to Service and Maintenance (1 hour)

service and maintenance CPDThis CPD reminds all building owners and occupiers why it is important, under current legislation, that your building's fire detection system is properly maintained

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Understanding Fire Legislation (1 hour)

understanding fire legislationThis presentation reviews the current legislation paying particular attention to The Fire & Rescue Services Act 2004 and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order implemented in October 2006.

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An Overview of British Standard 5839 pt 1 (1.5 hours)

BS5839 CPDThis presentation is an overview of the revised British standard BS 5839-1: 2017 design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems within the UK and Northern Ireland.

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An Alternative to Aspiration (1 hour)

Alternative to AspirationProtecting Business Critical Equipment

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Demystifying the Design and Use of Voice Alarm/PA Systems (1 hour)

VAPA CPDThis presentation aims to give an awareness of the requirements of the British Standard BS 5839 Part 8:2013 to someone who is new to the task of providing a Voice Alarm system.

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An Overview of Emergency Voice Communication Systems (1 hour)

EVCSThis seminar explains in detail the requirements governing when and how an Emergency Voice Communications System should be provided.

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Central Battery Systems (1 hour)

Central Battery SystemsApplication & design of central power supply systems

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A Designer's Guide to Fire Alarm Systems (5 hours)

Designer's Guide to Fire Alarm SystemsThis CPD is a designer's guide for fire alarm systems, covered within British Standard BS5839-1: 2017: Section 2.

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Fire System Protocol - What does it really mean? (1 hour)

System ProtocolThe issue with system protocol in the fire industry is that the terms open or closed are used in so many different ways. This confusion often results in the real issues being overlooked. 

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Optimising Early Stage Smoke Detection (1 hour)

Optimising early stage smoke detectionTo provide a clear understanding of how early stage smoke detection can be optimised through advanced aspiration technology and 3D design tools. 

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HTM 05-03 (1.5 Hours )

Learn about how the requirements for fire detection systems within NHS healthcare premises are affected by the current Legislation, the British Standards, and the NHS Firecode HTM 05-03.

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