Continual Professional Development

CPD logoCPD accredited materials are continually in development, some details of which are shown below and on this flyer. If you are interested in any of these topics please register your interest by clicking the link next the relevant title.

Presentations can be arranged at our offices in Leicester, or alternatively we can come to you.

A Guide to Service and Maintenance (1 hour)

service and maintenance CPDThis CPD reminds all building owners and occupiers why it is important, under current legislation, that your building's fire detection system is properly maintained

It reviews the responsibilities of the owner/occupier and of the service provider towards protecting employees, visitors, property and importantly, your business.

The presentation describes in detail what the building owner should expect from a qualified service provider, what the code of practice BS 5839-1:2017 recommends for tests and service, and identifies the documentation that should be maintained by the responsible building owner/occupier.


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