More than ever before, today’s data centres and network rooms, are under enormous pressure to maintain business continuity. Some companies risk losing millions of pounds with one single data centre error. Therefore it’s not hard to believe that in the event of a catastrophic data centre fire, a company may not only lose millions but may also go out of business.

Data CentresFires in data centres are typically caused by power problems in conduits, raised floors and other concealed areas. This is one of the reasons why raised floors are not recommended for data centres and network rooms. Fires have also been caused by arson, corporate sabotage and natural occurrences such as lightning and power surges.

BS6266 provides guidance specifically on designing and installing fire detection systems for data centres.

Protecting Business Continuity

Today there are many ways of detecting and suppressing fires, but only a few are recommended for data centre applications. In a data centre, the main goal of the fire protection system is to get the fire under control without disrupting the flow of business and without risk to the people inside.

Notifier's Analogue Addressable fire systems control panel supports its advanced detection device called the VIEW (Very Intelligent Early Warning) detector. The VIEW detector can distinguish between dust and particles of combustion. This addressable device is ideal in highly sensitive environments as it can pinpoint the fire location, and provide an early warning for verification before any action is taken. These detectors are often placed below raised floors, on ceilings and above drop down ceilings.

Protecting Data

As speed to extinguish the fire is critical, suppression is commonly used. The Notifier Analogue Addressable alarm system is connected to an Extinguishing panel to release gas to suppress the fire. The Notifier system has a very sophisticated cause and effect that allows the programming of multiple co-incidence options to avoid inadvertent release of the gas. The cause and effect can apply logic to control the discharge banks and diverter valves located in the data centre rooms.

Fire System MonitoringData Centres

Like any other critical system in a data centre, the fire detection system must be redundant and fault tolerant in order to increase the overall data centre availability. The Notifier system uses a fast and highly reliable network to control the whole detection strategy including the vital link for the control panel to communicate with the central bank of extinguishers.

In order for the building operator to have an accurate understanding of what is happening within these unoccupied areas, Notifier's Onyxworks management system can deliver a graphical view of the system's operations.


Notifier works with a network of fire installation, commissioning and maintenance companies, who have completed a comprehensive training programme, and have direct access to extensive product, technical and application support. So, when it comes to installing a system in buildings with specific requirements you can be confident you are working with a company with the experience and expertise to meet the challenge.