Factory and warehousing facilities vary immensely both in terms of scale and the activities that take place within them. As a result the specific risks posed by fire vary to a large extent on the specific function of a factory or warehouse. The importance of a full risk assessment cannot be underplayed however there are a number of risks common to such facilities which should be considered.

In the case of a warehousing facility for example, there are likely to be areas which are unmanned for long periods which may be obscured by high bay racking systems. Flammable or hazardous materials may be present as well as stored packaging materials such as paper, cardboard and polystyrene packaging. The size of the facility may be very large and contain numerous activities all with their own particular fire risks.

Quite different, however, are the potential fire risks posed by a textile manufacturing facility for example. The presence of flammable materials and the higher concentration of employees and machinery in the building make fast evacuation essential.

Unfortunately, warehouses and factories can also be the target for arson attacks, particularly out of normal business hours meaning action to tackle the fi re and protect the building fabric and contents can be delayed.

The Notifier Solution

Notifier's advanced analogue addressable fire systems support a range of detection and evacuation technologies developed to meet these considerations.

Early detection and false alarm prevention

Different fires give off very different signals. For instance a Manufacturingsmouldering fire may produce CO and smoke, but very little infrared signal or change in temperature. The Notifier SMART4 multi-criteria detector combines optical smoke, infrared flame, carbon monoxide and temperature sensors to enable fast, accurate identification of a real fire threat.

For very large open areas with high ceilings Notifier's aspiration or beam detection systems offer a cost effective and reliable fire detection solution. In addition, for exceptionally early warning capability VIEW (Very Intelligent Early Warning) detectors are often used to detect smoke given off in the early stages of fires which may be hidden from view within processing equipment.

Using Notifier's advanced detection technologies, the detection sensitivity of a system to be set to avoid nuisance false alarms during the day when a facility is in use.  However, factors which may cause false alarm issues are unlikely to occur if the building is unoccupied overnight, so the system can be set to a heightened state to detect a possible fire in its early stages.

Fast, Effective Warning

Advanced cause and effect programming and the ability to integrate your Notifier system with other building automation and control systems means once a fire has been detected multiple delay strategies can help avoid unnecessary shutdowns.  For example, evacuation can be delayed until the alarm has been investigated, a small area can be evacuated or, if required, a site-wide evacuation can be initiated.  Notifier's ONYXWorks graphics system makes management of the fire system and pinpointing the source of an alarm quick and simple.

Notifier voice alarm systems are particularly effective in controlling a phased evacuation and for announcements during a fire related incident but can also be utilized as an everyday public address system.

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Choice, Flexibility and Peace of Mind

Notifier works with a network of over 60 fire installation commissioning and maintenance companies, who have completed a comprehensive training programme, and have direct access to extensive product, technical and application support. So, when it comes to installing a system in buildings with specific requirements you can be confident of a choice of competing companies, all with the experience and expertise to meet the challenge.