Offices flyerToday, businesses increasingly require more flexible, modern office space which can be adapted easily to meet changing commercial needs. Office spaces tend to change ownership frequently and at the same time, an open plan layout has become the norm for many companies, often with semi-permanent individual offices or meeting
rooms around the periphery. The challenge, therefore, when considering automatic fire detection systems is to balance the need for a reliable and cost effective detection and alarm system with the need to provide a flexible "future-proof" system whilst keeping a close eye on the budget!

Modern purpose built office facilities tend to be constructed of concrete and steel with suspended false ceilings, voids behind panelling, moveable walls and partitions. Using this technique makes frequent changes of use simpler particularly when considering the installation and adaptation of data cabling for example.

In order to ensure a fire detection and alarm system operates correctly, providing proper protection of a building whilst minimising the possibility of costly disruption caused by false alarms, it too must have the flexibility to be easily adapted to a rapidly changing office space.

The Notifier Solution

Notifier by Honeywell fire detection and alarm systems are particularly suited to meet many of the challenges posed by office spaces.

Early Detection

With Notifier's broad range of detection technologies, choosing the most appropriate and cost effective detector is simple. And, when changes to a business make adaptations to your fire system necessary, Notifier's advanced engineering tools make this a simply and cost effective exercise. All fire systems must be regularly serviced to ensure they continue to provide the best protection for a building. The wide choice of service provider for such maintenance and extension mean the owner benefits from the choice of competing fire specialists, ensuring value for money over the life-time of the system.

In larger office complexes where there are specific requirements for evacuation and warning in the event of a fire related incident, Notifier systems support advanced cause and effect programming. This can be used to design safe evacuation strategies in the event of a fire related incident, for example, a phased evacuation, where large numbers of people need to be evacuated in a safe and controlled manner. Notifier voice alarm systems can be used to control a phased evacuation and the clear spoken instructions are of particular use in multiple-occupancy office complexes where not everyone may be familiar with fire evacuation procedures. A full loop powered range of audible and visual alarms is also available to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

Where flexibility of use is the priority, hybrid wireless detection solutions are available which can be quickly installed without the need for costly wiring. Such systems offer a real cost advantage over wired systems for semi-permanent buildings and areas which experience frequent changes in purpose.

In many large scale and campus offices it is important for the fire detection and alarm system to be networked between buildings and interfaced with other building management systems. And, in buildings of multiple occupancy, advanced networking and integration capabilities make a Notifier system an ideal solution. Notifier's robust fully approved network (ID2net) again delivers building managers maximum flexibility, giving full control of the fire system covering the
shell, core and tenant spaces.

Notifier voice alarm systems are particularly effective in controlling a phased evacuation and for announcements during a fire related incident but can also be utilized as an everyday public address system.

Choice, Flexibility and Peace of Mind

Notifier works with a network of over 60 fire installation commissioning and maintenance companies, who have completed a comprehensive training programme, and have direct access to extensive product, technical and application support. So, when it comes to installing a system in buildings with specific requirements you can be confident of a choice of competing companies, all with the experience and expertise to meet the challenge.