System Protocol

Open protocol fire systems delivering freedom of choice and peace of mind.


Open ProtocolProtocol - The term 'protocol' refers to the way in which each individual manufacturer's fire alarm control panel communicates with its field devices; in effect the language they use. This protocol is specific to each manufacturer's control panel or field devices and once installed the system is locked to that protocol and will not allow devices from other manufacturers to be installed on the same system.

Freedom of Choice - Throughout the lifecycle of a system the end-user retains the ability to change provider and ensure competitive pricing if service levels prove unsatisfactory. In the UK and Ireland, there are more than 60 independent, competing Notifier-approved distributors, ensuring best value through competition. Closely supported by Notifier, they are fully trained and have the tools required to install, commission, maintain and service Notifier systems to the very highest levels.

Continuity - Notifier supplies systems through a network of authorised and trained distributors. The highest standards of system functionality and reliability are ensured as all parts of a Notifier system are specifically designed to work together. All of our products are fully backward compatible meaning a detector bought today will continue to work on a Notifier system installed 15 years ago.

Quality, Reliability, Value - The owner of a Notifier system is assured of quality, reliability and value resulting from competitive pricing throughout the life of the system. Whoever is selected to work on the system will be competent, have the skill and experience necessary to carry out the designated work and ensure the owner of the system meets their own obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order act.