Notifier introduces POL-200-TS

1st March 2018

Notifier introduces POL-200-TS

The POL-200-TS is a portable, easy to use device for use during installation, commissioning and maintenance of analogue loops. 

The POL-200-TS recognizes all addressable loop devices using Notifier, Morley-IAS, System Sensor and Honeywell protocols (CLIP, OPAL & ADVANCED).

 Using the device is simple via the graphical touch screen with user-friendly icons and clear, automated, one-touch functions enabling you to:-

  • Quickly verify loop integrity before installing/commissioning of the panel
  • Short-circuit and reverse polarity detection on all devices on the loop
  • Work anywhere on the loop with a simple portable “panel in your pocket”
  • Interrogate specific devices simply and quickly
  • Activate the LEDs of specific devices and duplicate or 00 addresses
  • Activate sounders and strobes individually
  • Simplify your install procedure and reduce support costs
  • Download data for use in hand over documentation and maintenance reports

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