Rick Love, Senior Product Manager for Notifier by Honeywell appears in Refurb Projects

22nd April 2010

Discussing the role of Voice Alarm and Public Address Systems in Fire Safety.

Refurb Projects have published an article by Notifier by Honeywell's Rick Love, looking at the uses of a PAVA system in conjunction with fire safety systems. The issue is out now and you can see a short excerpt below to give you a taster:

Some years ago, an experiment carried out on behalf of Honeywell Fire Systems found that, in the event of a fire, only 13 per cent of people responded to a bell warning: by contrast, 45 per cent reacted to a written text message display and some 75 per cent to a spoken message.

In light of this, the importance of a combined visual and sounder system should not be underestimated in helping users exit a building rapidly in a life-threatening situation.

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