Notifier by Honeywell’s Smart3 and Smart4 Provides Intelligent Fire Detection for The University of Northampton

23rd March 2009

Defensor installs ID3000-based solution in three halls of residence - false alarms minimised.

Burgess Hill, Sussex, 23 March 2009: Leading Notifier Fire Systems Engineered Systems Distributor, Defensor has installed a Notifier fire safety system in three halls of residence at The University of Northampton.

The system upgrade provides a higher level of fire safety for the student accommodation, which comprises around 900 bedrooms in total. "Each hall of residence has a networked Notifier ID3000 fire alarm panel, which ensures full safety protection for the three sites," confirms John Richardson, managing director, at Defensor, which already had a strong track record of success providing maintenance support for the University and has been working with Notifier equipment for more than a decade.

"However, in an environment in which there is a risk to life yet which is also vulnerable to a higher than average incidence of false alarms, the introduction of Notifier's advanced Smart3 and Smart4 multi-criteria fire detectors takes intelligent fire protection to a new level."

Reducing false alarms

The Smart series - which stands for Self-Optimising Multi-Criteria Alarm Recognition Technology - are plug-in fire detectors which combine separate sensing elements to act as a single unit, in providing rapid response to a broad range of fire types. "In particular, its infra-red technology enables the sensor to ‘look into the room' to determine - and so respond to - flame flicker more quickly, without waiting for the heat to reach the typically ceiling-mounted device," says Richardson.

At the same time, the Smart's sensors are managed by advanced algorithms , configured so that it normally operates at a high immunity level, instantly changing to become very sensitive to fires as soon as fire characteristics are sensed. As a result, transient nuisances are monitored and ignored, thus minimising the false alarm rate.

"We selected Notifier and Defensor," confirms Terry Cox, deputy director of Estates (Projects and Maintenance) for The University of Northampton "as they offered a winning combination of flexible, state-of-the-art fire detection technology with proven first-class maintenance and support ideally suited to our demanding requirements."