New Notifier Opal Detectors Improve Flexibility and Reduce Lifetime Costs

30th April 2010

Enhanced resilience to dust reduces false alarms - increased Loop capacity - fully backwards compatible - pure white design - successfully tested in Notifier premises across Europe

As end-users increasingly look to reduce the lifetime cost of their fire safety systems, Notifier by Honeywell has launched its new Opal range of detectors designed to cut the cost of ownership and improve the efficiency of its devices.

Manufactured in pure white to complement modern building design, the new Notifier detectors incorporate a deeper chamber, together with multi-criteria variants designed to improve detection across multiple fire types and enhance resilience to dust particles, so reducing the risk of false alarms.

In addition, the new devices can communicate using a digital protocol. This inherently more efficient system provides Notifier customers with the flexibility to incorporate more devices on the loop and power them more easily. "This has become especially important with the increased use of beacons as a result of the Disability Discrimination Act," confirms Rick Love, senior product manager, Notifier by Honeywell.

As part of the pre-launch development programme, the new Opal detectors have been successfully installed and tested in all Notifier premises throughout Europe.

Backwards compatibility

Reflecting Notifier's continuing commitment to its established customer base in cutting ongoing management costs, the new detectors are fully backwards compatible and can co-exist on the same systems as existing Notifier devices.

"As a result, devices can be mixed on the same system as part of any programme of upgrade or improvement," says Love. "However, the full efficiency benefits will only be realised when the changeover has been completed."

In helping maximise the benefits of the new detectors, Notifier is providing full training for its Engineered Systems Distributor (ESD) network, to ensure that designers and installers are fully competent in the specification and adoption of the appropriate Opal detectors and so provide the best possible service to the end-user in each case.

Supporting this, the new Notifier POL-100 hand-held intelligent analogue detection loop tester has been developed to enhance flexibility during both installation and commissioning and ongoing service and maintenance, by enabling remote fault-finding independent of the control panel. The POL-100 can be used for existing and new Opal detectors.

End-to-end cost savings

The new Opal detectors also incorporate automated loop mapping, which cuts installation time through improved fault finding.

Better device information reduces ongoing maintenance of fire alarm assets, by identifying the status and version of each detector. In addition, system resilience is further enhanced with the adoption of optional isolators on each device.

"In cutting the life cost and increasing the flexibility of its devices, the new Opal detector range reinforces Notifier's reputation for developing modern technology solutions which directly address the needs of today's end users," Love believes.