Control Panels: IDR-2A Active Repeater

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The IDR-2A active repeater will repeat the LCD & LED indications on the main fire alarm panel and allow the operator to command the system, using system control pushbuttons (Mute Buzzer, Accept, Evacuate, Silence Sounders, Resound Sounders and Reset).

Furthermore, the IDR-2A has configuration and test functions such as edit Normal message, Lamp Test, LCD Test, Buzzer Test and a Pushbutton Test option. For added security, a keyswitch on the front of the repeater enables/disables certain push buttons.

The nine LED indicators provide a quick summary of the general system status for the user. The compact design makes it very easy to install and commission the IDR Series repeaters. The repeater's event log can store up to 150 most recent events; this also aids commissioning.