Automatic Fire Detection: SMART4 Intelligent Multi-Criteria Detector

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New Notifier Opal Detectors Improve Flexibility and Reduce Lifetime Costs

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Notifier by Honeywell’s Smart3 and Smart4 Provides Intelligent Fire Detection for The University of Northampton

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Detector Selection and False Alarm Prevention

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The SMART4 combines 4 separate sensing elements to act as a single unit. CO sensing (using EC technology) for monitoring CO products from a smouldering fire, IR sensing for measuring ambient light levels and flame signatures, optical smoke detection and heat detection.

SMART4 dynamically adjusts the detection profile of the device in response to the input from the sensors. It normally operates at a high immunity level, changing to become very sensitive to fires when fire characteristics are sensed. In this way transient nuisances are monitored and ignored, delivering exceptional false alarm immunity and excellent fire detection.